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Generation Zero (DVD)

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Obama put America on a collision course with a deadly historic destiny, even as it inaugurated a vital president, Donald J. Trump.

The weak were offended when President Trump talked of the carnage that’s spread across America and its lost exceptionalism.

But, President Trump knows the dark secret of why America is teetering. His closest adviser, Steve Bannon, exposed the cruel reality in a powerful film he produced before going into the White House.

Bannon’s film — called Generation Zero — reveals the crisis that will soon beset America . . . and why the moment may be fleeting to make dramatic changes.

The big media like CNN and the major networks won’t talk about the facts that were reveal in Bannon’s documentary film — Generation Zero — but the truth cannot be silenced and the film has become a secret folk hit for its accurate predictions and stark warnings about America’s economy and future.

Generation Zero says that America remains close to the brink of total calamity after years of quantitative easing, helicopter money, and our national debt doubling under Barack Obama.

The horrifying implications of this are revealed powerfully and honestly in Generation Zero.

Generation Zero also argues that America is in its “Fourth Turning” stage — a generational cycle that has already affected our history in amazing ways.

A Turning is one of four consecutive 20-year cycles.

When the “Fourth Turning” strikes, calamity is close behind . . . history does not lie.

America’s first Fourth Turning occurred with its war for independence, a bloody struggle that created the new nation.

This was followed almost 80 years later by the Civil War — a seismic event that saw millions die.

Some 80 years after that another Fourth Turning slammed us — the Great Depression and World War II.

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