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An American Son: A Memoir

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Few politicians have risen to national prominence as quickly as Marco Rubio. Now in his early forties Florida Senator Rubio is the subject of widespread interest and speculation.

In his engaging autobiography, Marco shares his gripping life story. He describes how his parents avoided communism and came to America where they embraced capitalism, democracy, and freedom.

He reveals his personal and political struggles as he and his tea party supporters took on one of the nation's most powerful establishment GOP governors to win Florida's Senate seat in 2010.

He shares surprising details about his run for Senate and the aftermath, as well as the role his family and faith have played in his American success story.

Marco Rubio's story is America's story. His story gives hope. His story is one every American who cares about this country should read.

In Rubio's remarkable book, An American Son, readers will discover:

  • His plan to build a strong and prosperous America
  • governor, Charlie Crist, in the 2010 Senate race
  • How he stood up to Washington's reckless spending and assault on free enterprise
  • How his hard-working immigrant parents shaped his vision for America
  • His efforts to "cut, cap and balance" the budget
  • How he plans to save Medicare and repeal Obamacare
  • His surprising personal views about Obama and his 2008 election
  • His beliefs about America's national interests in opposing dangerous tyrants
  • Why he has sought to emulate President Reagan
  • Why the 21st century can still be another American Century
  • His plan to create new taxpayers instead of new taxes
  • His uncanny ability to connect with people across party lines while still upholding conservative values
  • The role his Christian faith and God have played in his life
  • And so much more

Discover Marco Rubio's incredible journey and learn why a better future is possible if America returns to its founding principles.

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