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Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary for $24.99

In this powerful and timely book Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann reveal a surprising political game plan that could change the outcome of the 2016 elections.

"Make no mistake about it, Trump faces an uphill battle," Dick Morris says.

"With a liberal media biased in Hillary's favor, demographic trends favoring younger and ethnic voters — and some Republicans at war with their own nominee, Trump must take a different approach."

Trump can still win and defeat Hillary, Morris argues in Armageddon.

Few know and understand Hillary and Bill Clinton better.

For over 20 years Dick Morris served as their personal political adviser and trusted confidant.

Dick knows their strengths and weaknesses — and their darkest secrets.

For the first time, he reveals Hillary's secrets in Armageddon — and explains why Trump must ignore the traditional GOP playbook to make her the issue and defeat her once and for all.

Morris believes the 2016 election will be the most decisive in history. America can go down the road of socialism, "Obama's third term" — or take a path of economic and spiritual resurgence — one that makes us truly great again.

In Armageddon, Morris outlines his attack plan on Hillary:

  • She is a "compulsive, pathological and serial liar" that must be exposed — he reveals the evidence
  • Hillary lost any claim to "commander-in-chief" after Benghazi — new details show she covered up her role
  • She will put America again into another needless war
  • She is "obsessively secret and paranoid" — Morris reveals never before known details that show her to be the "controller-in-chief"
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