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Money Mischief

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Money Mischief is a gripping tell-all that exposes centuries of crooked government conspiracies, dangerous backdoor deals with big bankers and powerful insiders, and the real causes behind some of the most dangerous periods in our nation's history . . .

. . . including the 1970s Carter crisis, the Great Depression, and the financial chaos we are experiencing now.

Milton Friedman paints a true and unfiltered picture that documents how time and time again Washington, D.C., has attacked the wealth, safety, and freedom of its citizens through INTENTIONAL inflation and a calculated decimation of the dollar.

You'll discover how, as Reagan's trusted friend put it himself:

"Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it
with perfectly good ink, and make the combination worthless."

Most importantly, in this amazing book, Friedman provides you with a road map for economic survival during these treacherous times of inflation, a weakened dollar, and uncertain markets.

If what you'll read in the pages of Money Mischief holds true, the United States' future includes a 1970s-style economic meltdown, followed by a Great Depression-era collapse — and you will be eternally grateful for having this book at your side to guide you.

In Money Mischief you'll discover:

  • How the Fed's World War I Gamble Caused the Great Depression and Why It's Eerily Similar to Today! — Mysteriously absent from history books is how the Federal Reserve aided in doubling the inflation rate during World War I and how this inevitably led to the Great Depression. I believe we are on the verge of seeing a replay of this tragic error today. (Page 19)
  • Is the United States Quietly Stockpiling Gold to Prepare for a Coming Inflation Storm? You can uncover a great deal about the outlook a country has for its economy by looking at the gold in its reserves. What does America's gold stock say about our future? (Page 67)  
  • Obama's Hidden Tax Conspiracy — Although President Obama touts his extension of the Bush tax cuts, he has pushed what Friedman refers to as a "Hidden Tax" — the one that truly counts — to the highest levels in history. Expose it so you can see how you are being fleeced today! (Page 211) And much, much more.

With Milton Friedman's prophetic book Money Mischief as your guide, you can take the absolutely necessary measures to build a wall of protection around you and your family's financial well-being.

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