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'A New Contract With America' February 2010

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Gingrich Reveals a New 'Contract with America'

When Newt Gingrich authored the first Contract with America in 1994, it helped lead to a seismic political shift in Washington and paved the way for Republican victories in Congress — after almost five decades in the minority.

Now, in an exclusive article for Newsmax magazine, the former House speaker reveals what a new "Contract with America" must offer and how it can take back Washington.

The effect of the first Contract was stunning. In 1994, it played a key role in the GOP gaining 9 million new votes over 1990 and winning 54 House seats — giving it control of the lower chamber for the first time in 40 years.

Fast forward to 2010 and Gingrich again is calling Americans to action by revealing a proposal for a new Contract with America.

For the first time, Speaker Gingrich outlines what a new Contract should say and how it can re-shape America — in this exclusive cover story.

In this special report, Gingrich explains the key to a GOP comeback: The GOP needs to become an alternative party, not an opposition party.

Best-selling author Gingrich writes in Newsmax magazine: "A contract in September 2010 would be a powerful unifier for all those who are tired of the corruption and waste of Washington and the alien views of the secular-socialist coalition seeking to radically change America."

Newt Gingrich is one America's most thoughtful conservatives — one touted as a top-tier presidential candidate. Agree or disagree, you must listen to Newt Gingrich's ideas.

This exclusive Newsmax report explores:

  • Gingrich's top 10 contract issues
  • Why Newt is convinced a new contract is needed
  • How a contract differs from a platform
  • Why the 1994 contract succeeded
  • The striking parallels between 1994 and today
  • The new challenges Republicans face with a 2010 contract
  • The No. 1 issue the GOP should focus on this year
  • Five tax cuts that belong in a new contract
  • Why the contract shouldn't be unveiled until September
  • The "inherent risk" in a positive campaign
  • How Ross Perot figured into the 1994 contract
  • The 2009 elections that showed an alternative campaign works
  • How the GOP won the Senate in 1980
  • What should NOT go into a contract
  • How abolishing Obama's "czars" can help balance the budget
  • The need for an "American Energy Plan"
  • How to stop the Justice Department from "protecting terrorists"
  • The most challenging question facing incumbents
  • How to achieve real health reform — without bigger government
  • Education failure's threat to national security
  • How the contract should relate to Senate Republicans
  • What Bill Clinton and other prominent figures say the 1994 contract meant to them
  • Newt's "Job One for Government"
  • And so much more

This edition of Newsmax magazine is not to be missed.

In addition to hard-hitting investigative reports and special commentary from George Will, Michael Reagan, Ben Stein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, David Limbaugh, Christopher Ruddy and others, you get much more in Newsmax magazine, including:

  • Obama's coming attack on gun rights
  • Former FBI agent warns of terrorists from Mexico
  • Why Afghanistan is Obama's war now
  • Warren Buffett surprising warning about inflation
  • Terror threats at America's borders
  • Glenn Beck tackles a boycott
  • Important: how to cut your taxes this year and next
  • GOP is poised to gain governors in 2010
  • Palin and Clinton nearly tied as most admired woman
  • Chuck Norris: Global warming is a "con game"
  • Senators don't find Franken funny
  • Incredible new wonder drugs
  • Tawfik Hamid: from extremist to peacemaker
  • Can Tiger Woods make a comeback?
  • Ben Stein: The best lesson I learned about money
  • Huckabee rises above commutation controversy
  • Tony Blankley: Britain 1956 could be U.S. 2012
  • The demise of America's scientific greatness
  • Travel: 8 vacations that educate you
  • Make your encore wedding a success
  • How to avoid online criminal botnets
  • Stomach ailments? This natural bacteria may be the cure
  • 10 ways exercise helps your brain

Again, there is so much more in Newsmax magazine, which won a Gold Eddie Award in the News/Commentary category of Folio magazine's prestigious journalism awards, the Eddies.

Dr. Ben Carson, best-selling author and commentator, tells America: "Each month I look for Newsmax magazine to give me the news I can't get elsewhere, you should too."

Ben Stein says Newsmax reveals the "unafraid, uncomplicated, bare-knuckles truth about today's dangerous world."

And nationally syndicated radio host Michael Reagan, son of the late President Reagan, says: "I guarantee that you'll love Newsmax magazine. The liberal media moguls hate Newsmax."

Find out why more than half a million people read Newsmax magazine each month.

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