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'The REAL Rick Perry' October 2011

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A Coming American Apocalypse?

America is standing at a crossroads, Niall Ferguson writes in an exclusive Newsmax magazine cover story.

In "Decision Time," America must turn from its "path to hell" and rediscover the virtues that made it great. Ferguson argues that time is short for the U.S.

Niall Ferguson is no ordinary political pundit. A professor of history at Harvard University, he is a globally recognized authority on the history of economics and finance.

He has studied the great civilizations, and warns the U.S. must act now to avoid the end so many great empires have suffered.

Ferguson says that this November American voters will face a stark choice.

They can opt to re-elect a president who is committed to increasing the role of the government — European-style, with higher taxes and stagnating economic growth — or, he believes, they can follow a path consistent with our historic values of liberty, innovation, and free enterprise, a country he calls "Battle Hymn America."

In Newsmax magazine's special report, "Decision Time," Ferguson writes that a battle for future of America is under way, and the winner has not yet been determined.

This issue of Newsmax magazine offers Ferguson's fascinating and provocative take, including:

  • The central issue he sees in the 2012 campaign
  • The "crucial point" about the Obama administration
  • The disaster of the European model
  • Why Medicare reform is "economically imperative"
  • The "very tricky course" that Republicans face
  • Why demographics favor the Democrats
  • The coming attack on investment income
  • The stunning surge in federal expenditures since 2006
  • The good and bad news about Rep. Paul Ryan's plan
  • Ferguson's six ideas and institutions that propelled the West
  • America's "shockingly bad" reputation on property rights
  • Ferguson's "final cause for disquiet"
  • Why the IRS is "America's answer to the Spanish Inquisition"
  • President Obama's "rabble-rousing" speech about taxes
  • Ferguson's personal battle with bureaucratic nonsense
  • The U.S. threat from a "pathologically anti-American" regime
  • And much more . . .

Professor Ferguson's special report is followed by a companion piece, "America, What Lies Ahead," by the noted futurist and Pentagon consultant Dr. Marvin Cetron.

Dr. Cetron projects future scenarios on a range of key issues, including national security, technology and vital resources — that will affect your life, wealth and family for the next generation.

Dr. Cetron reveals why water and oil will be the major resources wreaking havoc across the global economy, why computers actually don't create jobs, and whether another financial meltdown is around the corner.

This edition of Newsmax magazine is not to be missed.

In addition to hard-hitting investigative reports and special commentary from George Will, Michael Reagan, Ben Stein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, David Limbaugh, Christopher Ruddy and others, you get much more in Newsmax magazine, including:

  • Abortion battle moves to the states
  • How the GOP aims to seize the Senate
  • Why Cuban oil drilling threatens the Gulf
  • Obama's "fuzzy math" on college tuition costs
  • A century after Titanic: What every cruise traveler must know
  • Trial lawyers spending huge sums to stop our doctors
  • Are sugar substitutes safe?
  • Michele Bachmann faces tough re-election bid
  • Obama's "recess" appointments challenge the Constitution
  • Overcoming email overload
  • Gingrich's fight for the "soul of the GOP"
  • Fed workers owe billions in back taxes
  • Congress to TSA: Stop groping America
  • Metro areas are leading in economic growth
  • Search is on for Defense Department's missing trillions
  • Big Brother's cameras are watching you
  • Ben Stein: Flexibility, ambition needed in this economy
  • Fixing your teeth — safely
  • Hollywood mistreats Margaret Thatcher
  • Get key retirement tax advice now
  • Doctor: the truth about male menopause
  • How a flex-fuel option could kill OPEC
  • Travel: countries that love Americans
  • The very best timeless watches

Again, there is so much more in Newsmax magazine, which won a Gold Eddie Award in the News/Commentary category of Folio magazine's prestigious journalism awards, the Eddies.

Dr. Ben Carson, best-selling author and commentator, tells America: "Each month I look for Newsmax magazine to give me the news I can't get elsewhere, you should too."

Ben Stein says Newsmax reveals the "unafraid, uncomplicated, bare-knuckles truth about today's dangerous world."

And nationally syndicated radio host Michael Reagan, son of the late President Reagan, says: "I guarantee that you'll love Newsmax magazine. The liberal media moguls hate Newsmax."

Find out why more than half a million people read Newsmax magazine each month.

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