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'How Obama Bought the White House' December 2008

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Funny Money: How Barack Obama
Bought the White House for $668 Million

Barack Obama and his team smashed all fundraising records on the way to victory, raking in a staggering $668 million. But some of that all-important cash came from questionable — even make-believe — sources.

An intensive Newsmax investigation by investigative reporter Kenneth Timmerman — cited in a complaint by the Republican National Committee — uncovered numerous instances of questionable and even illegal donations.

The Newsmax special report uncovered evidence that that Obama campaign raked in millions by allowing donors to exceed legal limits. Millions more flowed into his coffers from unidentifiable sources, including prohibited financial support from foreign nationals.

And, astoundingly, nearly half of his total campaign contributions, over $300 million, came from donors under $200 — donor names Obama still won't release for public scrutiny.

Newsmax magazine's special report "Funny Money: How Barack Obama Bought the White House for $668 Million" offers an in-depth look at the questions surrounding the fundraising efforts that have forever changed American politics.

This exclusive Newsmax report explores:

  • How the Obama campaign encouraged obvious attempts to skirt the law
  • Why he really won: Obama's huge edge over John McCain in ad spending
  • The CIA expert who uncovered widespread evidence foreigners were donating millions to Obama
  • Where Obama's money came from — top contributors, professions and states
  • The "red flag" that alerted watchdog groups
  • How the Internet disrupted the way campaigns are funded
  • A confidential informant's shocking charge about Obama's Web site
  • Why Obama reneged on a financing vow
  • Demands for an FEC audit of the Obama campaign
  • How donations from "Mr. Good Will" raised suspicions in Washington
  • Libyan leader Gaddafi's troubling boast about how he helped Obama
  • The cost of Obama's win — $10 per vote
  • The big fundraising question Republicans will face in four years
  • An expert's claim: Obama "dynamited" our campaign finance framework
  • How Obama's "under $200" ruse stymied the FEC
  • Over-the-limit contributions — were they really returned?
  • How public financing hamstrung the McCain campaign
  • What it would cost to literally buy the White House
  • Doodad Pro, Bart Simpson, King Kong, Daffy Duck — all Obama contributors
  • The campaign contribution that actually carries a criminal penalty
  • How credit cards were used to thwart campaign finance rules
  • Karl Rove's surprising praise of the Obama effort
  • The Republican National Committee's complaint against the Obama campaign
  • Why gift cards can easily enable illegal donations
  • The call to "repair" the public financing system — from the left
  • And much more

This edition of Newsmax magazine is not to be missed.

In addition to hard-hitting investigative reports and special commentary from George Will, Michael Reagan, Ben Stein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, David Limbaugh, Christopher Ruddy and others, you get much more in Newsmax magazine, including:

  • Sarah Palin: The GOP's Next Ronald Reagan?
  • Companies are bringing jobs back to the U.S.
  • 10 ways to prepare for a post-oil society
  • Saudi schoolbooks are filled with hate
  • Lawsuit looms over Marilyn Monroe's final photos
  • Markets in distress: Who are the winners and losers
  • Hollywood's love affair with marijuana
  • ROTC remains AWOL in the Ivy League
  • Your heart's cancer fighters
  • "American Taliban" mulls entertainment deals
  • If I were president: Chuck Norris
  • Where Warren Buffett puts his money
  • New Web browser spots spin in online news
  • Andrea Mitchell and Greenspan: Conflict of interest?
  • Best domestic wines: great gift idea
  • America's challenge in Afghanistan
  • The best U.S. wines NOT from California
  • Evangelical Christianity surging on college campuses
  • Saudi: Mickey Mouse is "Satan's soldier"
  • TV more gay than ever
  • Soldiers back home: How to help this holiday season
  • George Soros: U.S. needs "new motor"
  • Make money in tough economic times
  • Doctor finds heart chemicals may cure cancer
  • Body-cleansing products clean out your wallet
  • Take a tour of patriotic sites

Again, there is so much more in Newsmax magazine, which won a Gold Eddie Award in the News/Commentary category of Folio magazine's prestigious journalism awards, the Eddies.

Dr. Ben Carson, best-selling author and commentator, tells America: "Each month I look for Newsmax magazine to

Ben Stein says Newsmax reveals the "unafraid, uncomplicated, bare-knuckles truth about today's dangerous world."

And nationally syndicated radio host Michael Reagan, son of the late President Reagan, says: "I guarantee that you'll love Newsmax magazine. The liberal media moguls hate Newsmax."

Find out why more than half a million people read Newsmax magazine each month.

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