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Big Agenda with 3 months of Newsmax

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In Big Agenda, David Horowitz shows how Trump will defeat the left's destructive agenda and roll back Obama's nightmare policies of Obamacare, massive regulations — even his war on God!

But it won't be easy, Horowitz says.

"The election battle may be over, but many more battles lie ahead for President Trump and conservatives," Horowitz writes.

Horowitz says it's time to take the gloves off. It's time to go for the jugular. It's time to beat the Democrats once and for all.

And Donald Trump is the president to do it.

In Big Agenda, Horowitz unveils the left's true nature, their hidden methods and motivations, and the dirty, underhanded tricks they use to advance their goal of total control over our lives.

Horowitz also reveals Trump's secret plan and his winning strategies to thump the liberals.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover in Big Agenda:

  • Obama’s secret “deep state” of loyal aides still in office plotting to destroy Trump! See page 7.
  • Trump's plan to 'Make America Great Again' abroad — putting China in its place, Iran on notice and backing friends like Israel.
  • The order to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem — and how it will shock the world. See page 142
  • A radical new tax plan will spur economic growth to levels not seen since President Reagan! See page 77
  • Trump's coming war with ISIS and how it will change the Middle East forever.
  • Why Trump is turning the tables on the liberal media. Page 11.
  • How "socialist" Democrats are mainstreaming into America. What you must watch out for . . . on page 28.
  • Trump's plan to end the racial divide and Democratic ownership of the black vote — he really has a plan. Why the left applauds this. The grim details start on page 50.
  • The 9 words Obama removed from the Oath of Allegiance to the United States (it's bad) — and why Trump will fix it soon. Read about it on page 57.
  • The end of the public unions! This is a key cornerstone of Trump's plan — and it will create a political revolution in America.
  • Why the Iran deal is bad for America . . . and the completely legal strategy Trump will use to restore America's sovereignty. See page 56.
  • The Achilles' heel of the Democrats and how Trump will use his "New Deal" to exploit it. The Democrats may never win another presidential election. Details on page 86.
  • The one theme that can unite America: Trump's 3-step strategy to end the Democrats' assault on American values. You must read page 141.
  • The 21 major predictions about President Trump — 11 have already come true and 10 will happen soon! Find out on page 154.
  • The gun rights rollback: Obama tried to flatten the Second Amendment. Trump has a surprising gun rights plan. Page 158.
  • Education overhaul: Trump's new plan to make America great again through our classrooms — and end student indoctrination!
  • And so much more!

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In Big Agenda, David Horowitz reveals Trump's winning battle plan.
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